I'm Gregg Kennard

Passionate about improving education criminal justice reform economic opportunity

Legislative Highlights

About Gregg

Gregg Kennard ran his campaign on the premise of improving education, criminal justice reform, and economic opportunity. During the 2019 session his voting record, legislation, and investment of time & energy were in an alignment with those principles.


Voted in favor of the new budget, which included the following educational resources:

  • $3000 raises for teachers, and other certified employees
  • A 2% increase for other school employees, including school bus drivers, cafeteria workers, and janitors.
  • Georgia public schools have a full funded budget (QBE).
  • $30,000 to each Georgia public school for additional safety measures.

Authored HB-414, which requires all Georgia students to attend kindergarten.

Signed HR-204, to recognize Public Library Day at the Capitol.

Signed HR-291, to establish a study committee to increase access to afterschool programs.

Signed HR-572, recognizing HoPe, Hispanic Organization Promoting Education.

Met with multiple literacy advocacy groups, to improve policies regarding Georgia’s literacy challenges.

Authored HR-107, recognizing Stanley “Stas” Preczewski, and his retirement as president of Georgia Gwinnett College.

“Economic Development, Quality Education, and Social Justice for All.”

Criminal Justice Reform

Authored HB-309, which restricts the criminal records for non-violent felonies after the sentence is completed.

Authored HB-415, which issues a state ID to all returning citizens upon release from incarceration.

Signed HB-403, which bans private prisons and jails.

Assigned to the Democratic House Committee on Criminal Justice

Took multiple meetings with Georgia Justice Project, Southern Center for Human Rights, Atlanta Metro Reentry Jail, and Gwinnett County Corrections.

Authored HR-485, commending Russell Gray for his work with reentry and returning citizens in Gwinnett County.

Economic Development

Signed HB-386, which offers a tax credit for smaller investors.

Signed a bill to make technical college free in Georgia to assist with labor shortages within the state.

Assigned to the Small Business Development Committee

Assigned to the Industry and Labor Committee

Met with many small business owners in his district and county.